business model optimoida

Business Model


The business model is very simple, yet extremely effective — It helps dynamic companies be more efficient and effective at doing business by making better use of their capacities.


Offer you a new perspective and an external opinion on your activities

To help clients’ efficiency by stepping in and acting as an Interim Project Manager on short and/or long-term projects. Clients like to refer to me as the "CEO’s right hand man".


Identify the potential for improvement of your business and assess your progress

I first sit down with You to understand your goals, culture, and values.


Identify issues and priorities

Once aligned, we then work together to define the scope and specifics of the project.

We outline a specific step-by-step Action Plan complete with deliverables, measurable KPI’s, levels of involvement, etc.


Facilitate decision making

Workshops will be defined and implemented to manage the project and to coordinate actions assuring the dynamics of the changes.  My role will be to act as a Project Manager with in-depth expertise to guide your teams or people.