Optimoida hand

My approach

1 - Diagnostic

  • Matrix analysis of the company or the department or service (SWOT)
  • Evaluate the organization and the existing risks in the processes
  • Identify Strengths, weaknesses and constraints
  • Evaluate the level of changes needed


As deliverables:

  • Share the findings and recommendations.
  • Identify potential for improvement and evaluate earnings (quantify them where possible)
  • Develop an action plan
  • Identify possible quick wins based on existing data


2 - Project

  • Gather extensive amounts of information and data points
  • Upgrade the Quality of available data when necessary
  • Perform a detailed analysis, brainstorm and work with the personnel concerned by the actions, gather their trust and establish a close collaboration which enables efficient discovery of facts.
  • Then analyse and draw up astrategy to deliver clear, meaningful, andabove all, actionable solutions.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Propose and validate new tools and modes of operations, align all stakeholders and management and get approval
  • Implement on site, obtain results
  • Transfer the new way of working and assure sustainability


Follow up
  • Ensure the continuity of changes by a follow-up.